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Townsend Ready To Prove He Belongs

Cornelius Townsend Bio:

DOB: 06/30/1992

Position: WR/SS

Hometown: Indianola, Mississippi

Education: Cordova High School


Introducing the Memphis Blast: Cornelius Townsend

By Raven Moore

            Much like his brother Zachery, Cornelius is still adapting to the Blast way of life, but he’s shown that he’s more than capable of taking on the challenge. Playing on both sides of the ball, Townsend has used his determination and resiliency that they he developed in the Marines to be the best player he can be on the field and Blast head coach, Charles Thompson has taken notice.

            “He and his brother Zachery, both have great characters and are very well discipline,” Thompson said. “Cornelius is one of the new guys that we’re still evaluating, but we like what he brings to the table.”

            In 2006, Townsend moved to Memphis with his family from Indianola, Mississippi because of his father’s job. He began playing football his freshman year at Cordova High School. His play didn’t end there, after graduation, he joined the Marine Corps and was able to play for the Joint Task Force football team there. An experience that he said helped him to build relationships.

            “Playing in for the JTF brought me closer to the people that loved the sport as much as I did.” Townsend said.

            When he came back to Memphis in 2017, he was anxious to get readjusted to domestic life and find a way to play football again. Shortly thereafter, he learned about the Blast and knew that it was where he was meant to be.

            “My brother told me about the team,” Townsend said. “They made me feel welcome and they showed me things that I hadn’t experienced with the JTF Wolves.”

            Townsend’s goals for this season are not just limited to what he wants to do on the field, but what he can do help better himself.

            “I want to use this season to prove something to myself,” Townsend said. “I want to prove to myself that although I’ve quit playing in order to get my life together, I can still manage to get back in shape and return to doing the one thing I love.”

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