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By: Raven  Symone Moore

Richard Spraggins Bio:

DOB: 11/03/92

Position: WR/FS/KR/PR

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Education: Frayser High School/ Erie College


                                Introducing the Memphis Blast: Richard Spraggins

            In terms of seeing it all, no Blast player has more experience than do-it-all player, Richard Spraggins. Though he spent some time with the Blast last season, this upcoming season will be the first time that he will suit up with the team.

            Memphis Blast’ head coach, Charles Thompson, believes that Spraggins experience is what will make him such a dynamic player on the evolving team.

            “Richard Spraggins is terrific getting off the line of scrimmage,” said Thompson. “What makes him so impressive is he can get a clean release in a variety of ways. He’s a constant threat to make a big play from anywhere on the field.

            Since eighth grade, Spraggins has been involved with the game of football. Like most players, he played in high school and wanted to continue his career. Following graduation, he got a scholarship at Erie Community College where he played wide receiver, punt returner and kick returner. After a season there, he traveled overseas to play a season with the Filipino Tigers, an experience that he says helped to make him better in all aspects of life.

            “Playing overseas taught me to be a better man,” said Spraggins. “It taught me to be more independent, and humble because I got to see how less fortunate others are outside of the United States. It taught me rather than to complain, do better that I can help others and help them know that somebody’s got there back.”

            Also, during that time, he gained experience playing defense for the first time, specifically at free safety. His ability to quickly transition from position to position helped him to recognize his true strength as a player.

            “I’m fearless,” said Spraggins. “I could say that I’m a good player because of ‘this or because of that’, but honestly, me being fearless is what sets me apart.”

            Spraggins’ love for the game began after being inspired by relatives and others who played the game before him. As he played, he recognized that the status he would get as an athlete would help him be heard amongst his peers and inspire others.

            “I look at it like a platform to where my voice can be heard,” said Spraggins. “As a regular person, people won’t really hear me out or the message that I’m trying to get across to my people.

            Spraggins prides himself on motivating others and hopes that with his platform, he’ll be able to help others around him.

            “The message I want to get across to my people is to wake up,” said Spraggins. “I’m a firm believer that if you’re breathing, the you are achieving, and I want others to recognize that too.”

            Now as a member of the Memphis Blast, Spraggins says he’s 100 percent committed to the team and has a message for Blast fans.

            “It’s all about L.I.U,” said Spraggins. “We’re going to light it up for the fans this year.”

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