Blast Scores

Rival Game ends in a Tie

Memphis Blast vs. Memphis Panthers Takeaways

By: Raven Moore

The Memphis Blast suited up for their first game this season in a scrimmage against
intercity rival, the Memphis Panthers. After hard hitting defense and offensive blunders
dominated the game, the two teams finished the game, tied with the score 0-0.

Though the scoreboard may reflect an uninteresting contest, the Blast have a lot of
positives to take away from this game and with their next preseason contest coming up on March 9, it’s best they recognize their strengths and weaknesses to find what will make them successful in the future.

Establishing Chemistry Has to be the Offense’s Top Priority with so many new faces starting on offense, a team is bound to have some hiccups along the way.

The Memphis Blast were no exception to this. In Saturday’s game they had 51 yards of
total offense and committed three turnovers.

Luckily for them, their defense managed to hold the Panthers scoreless, even when most
of their drives started off in favorable field position. Quarterback, Austin Boyles spoke with the media after the game about his performance and admitted that he felt disappointed in his performance.

“I feel like I didn’t play to my full potential,” Boyles said. “I still have some work to do.”
Luckily for the Blast, they have a couple months to work towards building stronger
relationships on offense before their first regular season game. During that time, I expect Coach Thompson to rally his troops to ensure that performances like this aren’t a reoccurring thing.

One Thing Defense Doesn’t Lack is Physicality
Like previously mentioned, the Blast defense was the highlight of Saturday’s showcase
and helped to keep their offense in scoring distance. Their pass rush made its presence felt early and their secondary maintained order in the back end of the field.

Cornerback Chris Long shined in his starting cornerback role and had two pass deflections and a red zone interception in the second quarter.

Defensive lineman, Deterryon Anthony was not only a vocal, but a productive leader on
defense. He was a menace with two tackles for loss and batted down two passes.

Inside linebacker, Cole Walker, spoke with the media about the unit’s performance and
believes it’s just the start of what’s to come.
“I think we learned a lot about ourselves,” Walker said. “We set a good mark and
standard for us to continue to follow the preseason and regular season.

”Cole Walker is Showing That He’s the Team’s Hidden Gem Arguably the standout performance of the day belonged to middle linebacker, Cole Walker.

He’s another fresh face to join the team and since his signing in February. In his debut game with the Blast, he led team with three tackles for loss and added a forced fumble.

With his fluidity on the field, making plays just seemed effortless for him and if he can
continue his lay, he’ll be considered on of the premier players in the GDFL.



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