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Demario Richardson Bio:

DOB: 01/24/86

Position: RT/LB

Hometown: Collierville, Tennessee

Education: Collierville High School/Delta Tech College


Introducing the Memphis Blast: Demario Richardson

By Raven Moore

            The game of football is played by millions of people around for a multitude of different reasons. Some play for monetary gain and the fame that comes with it and others do it because it’s become a passion for them. Memphis Blast’s own, Demario Richardson has his own unique reason for returning to the game after 15 years, his nine-year old son, Demario Jr.

            “He’d seen the trophies and awards I’d earned in my playing days and asked me why I don’t go back,” Richardson said. “Honestly, I felt like it wouldn’t happen for me with it being so long since I’d last played. But I wanted to show him that while he was playing, I would be playing with him and share the passion for a game that we both love.”

            Memphis Blast head coach, Charles Thompson, has seen Richardson’s passion for the game firsthand and expects Richardson to be a key contributor to the team.

            “Demario is a dynamic individual with many talents,” Thompson said. “He is one of our more settled players and brings a maturity to the team that will help our young guys stay grounded and focused on the task at hand.”

            Richardson got his start in football at the age of five, when he began playing for Shelby Youth Sports in Collierville. He continued his career through middle and high school before ceasing his play after his high school graduation in 2004. Despite the time apart from the game, he still maintains that he never stopped loving it and longed to return.

            “Honestly football was all I knew as a kid,” Richardson said. “Football was my passion and it showed me different standards of discipline. It taught me humility and taught me that there is truly no ‘I’ in team.”

            When he began his search for a new team, Richardson was weary about putting himself out there again, but when he did, he found an instant match.

            “When I saw the Memphis Blast, I knew it was the team for me,” Richardson said. “When I met Coach Thompson, I felt blessed by him letting me be a part of this team and to have the opportunity to show what I could do.”

            With his first season with the Blast on the brink of starting, Richardson is more than willing to take on the challenges and adversities that the game brings.

            “I love the game of football,” Richardson said. “There’s a big difference between just liking it and loving it. My love for it allows me to always be ready for any challenge that comes my way.”


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