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Nicki Clyburn Administrative Assistant

Memphis,Tenn-Many of the Blast’s volunteers have been with the team for years. Nicki Clyburn however took over in the middle of last season, when Mrs. Carol Dunn had to step away due to personnel issues. That was her introduction to the Blast sidelines and she ran it like a true professional never missing a beat and the player’s couldn’t have been happier.

“I’m excited,” Nicki said. #75 Mikey Bishop, Offensive Tackle for the Blast recruited Nicki, they have been good friends for a long time.

“I thought I was just going to pass out water to the players at practice and during the game,” Clyburn said. “But it got to be a little more than just that.”

Clyburn’ title is Administrative Assistant for Player Personnel. “I will be helping with things like checking in the players when they come to practice and for the games, and helping with other paperwork things,” she said. She was quick to add, “I’ll still be passing out water and gatorade.”

“I like volunteering. I like it a lot to be able to help out,” she said. “So far, it’s not a lot of work, yet.”

The Blast isn’t new to Clyburn. She has been coming to Blast games for the past few years. She said she would sit in the stands and watch the games, but never thought she would be involved with the team.

When asked what she thought was the best part of volunteering with the Blast, Clyburn was quick with the answer.

“The people here,” she says. “Everyone is nice and helpful.” She adds, “The players are nice and friendly too and very appreciative .”

As a volunteer, Clyburn response to anyone asking her about volunteering with the Blast?

“Great Experience,” she answered without hesitation.

The Memphis Blast would like to thank, Ms.Nicki Clyburn for her unwavering support and we consider ourselves blessed to have her on staff!

So if you interested and would like to become part of a nationally-recognized championship football team, go to our fan page send us a message or email us at


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