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January 21, 2016, by Terrance Biggs

Versatile Memphis Blast Gerard Kaufman is a man of many talents (passer, runner, receivers, defender) that seems to defy labels. However, you can add one label to him: New Mexico Star. Today, the New Mexico Stars (American Indoor Football) signed Kaufman to a one-year deal, allowing the multitalented player to continue his football dream.

Kaufman embodies the term “ paying dues”. He’s competing on various levels during his career, hoping that the phone would ring. Cognizant of knowing what he can control, Kaufman applied himself on the field and committed to improving. When the Stars reached out, he was more than ready to accept the daunting challenge that lies ahead.

The New Mexico Stars are a team in the American Indoor Football League. Based out of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, the Stars are competing in their first AIF campaign. They’ve spent 2015 reorganizing, and plotting their future direction. Kaufman will be an integral part of the Stars’ success. He will be tested early, as the Stars play a rigorous ten game schedule versus the best that the AIF will offer.

The question isn’t where Kaufman plays, it’s whether he leaves the field. Kaufman, in true GDFL fashion, can legitimately play at a high lev
el on both sides of the ball. Perusing the Stars’ roster, Kaufman will probably play offense, and there seems to be a greater need for him there. When the ball sits in his hands, big plays are imminent.

Kaufman counts his days in the GDFL as a defining moment for his career. While playing at Shaw University, he was redshirted twice, causing him to leave school before playing a down. Self-doubt began to invade his mental space. He was offered the opportunity to play in the GDFL, taking full advantage of the genetic lottery ticket that is his skillset. With each passing year, Kaufman showed marked improvement. Never resting on his laurels, he expanded his skills on the field. Kaufman is yet another example of the powerful, far-reaching development that the GDFL offers.

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