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  Introducing the Memphis Blast: Brandon Kendall

Brandon Kendall Bio:

DOB: 05/02/1996

Position: WR/KR

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Education: Germantown High School


            It’s not often that a team, professional or otherwise, finds game changing talent in their own backyard, but that’s what the Memphis Blast found when wide receiver Brandon Kendall expressed interest in joining the team.

            Blast head coach, Charles Thompson, has faith that Kendall can be a key piece to the team’s success and says that his attitude is what will set him apart from his opposition.

            “I really like his attitude,” said Coach Thompson. “He has the mentality to where he’s more than willing to do whatever it takes to help this team win.”

            Kendall, 22, was born and raised in Memphis and attended Germantown High School where he played wide receiver and defensive back. However, despite playing all four years, he felt that his talents were never truly showcased.

            “When I was in high school, I was never really given a chance to show what I could do or show anyone my talent,” said Kendall. “So, as these years have been going by, I’ve just been training and trying to get better and better working on my craft.”

Kendall knew that he wanted to play for a team following graduation and believed that the Memphis Blast was the perfect place to make him better both on the field and off it.

            “The [Memphis] Blast were a team that I’d been looking at but wasn’t really sure about it,” said Kendall. “I never really believed that I was good enough. But since I’ve joined the team, it’s changed my mindset on how to think about things and look towards things.

            This is Kendall’s first season with the Memphis Blast and looks forward to adding to the talent the team already has in place.

            “I believe that we have a good team,” said Kendall. “We’re still rebuilding right now, but we’re bui

lding one brick at a time. Soon as we get every piece put together, we should be hard enough to go out there and get some wins for the season.”

            Even though the season doesn’t officially begin until May, Kendall has already been embraced by the team, and has already developed a deep appreciation for Coach Thompson.

“I have to thank Coach for taking a chance on me,” said Kendall. “I really appreciate everything he’s done for me. It’s an honor to be a part of the Blast and to see how much we are going to keep developing.

By:Raven Symone Moore


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