Blast Scores

Preview:Impact East Division Title

Game of the Week

#8 Memphis Blast vs. #9 Arkansas Gators

At Stake: The Impact East Division Title


Earlier in the season, these division rivals competed for bragging rights. Overboard chattiness bandied about as each played seemed to use social media, waging an endless war of words. Arkansas backed up their bravado with a 13-12 victory in Memphis. This fact still doesn’t sit well with the Blast.

Finishing: In the previous match-up, Memphis failed to secure the win versus Arkansas. The Gators stayed close. Within striking distance, Arkansas pulled off a miraculous last minute touchdown. How did Memphis squander a lead late? Who needs to shoulder the blame? There is no mirror large enough for an entire team to reflect in. The offense could manage only 12 points, while the defense didn’t hold late. With this fault cake, everyone gets an equal slice.(more)

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