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By: Raven  Symone Moore
Eddie Hines Bio:
DOB: 05/31/1997
Position: MLB/OL/DL
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Education: Bolton High School
                Introducing the Memphis Blast: Eddie Hines
After three seasons as a member of the Memphis Blast, versatile defender Eddie Hines is looking forward to being heralded as one of the team’s veterans. His play has consistently been one of the key pieces to their attacking defense and head coach Charles Thompson expects Hines to have his best year yet.
“Eddie will be setting a physical tone in the middle of the field for our 2019 season,” said Thompson. “Last season he showed his ability to rush the edge while playing defensive end. Adding weight and moving to inside linebacker to be a speed rusher is an exciting move that we the Blast will take full advantage.”
Born and raised in Memphis, Hines got his start in football at the age of eight and since then, he’s had a strong love and appreciation for the game.
“Football is what keep me going,” said Hines. “It’s helped me to be a better man and pushes me to want to achieve greatness. I still dream about going to the next level and playing on the big stage, and I believe that if you dream it you can achieve it.”
Hines continued his playing career at both Millington and Bolton high school. Like many players, when their school playing careers are over, they’re anxious to find their next opportunity.
“What made me want to join the Blast was my desire to continue my playing career,” said Hines. “I also liked what Coach Thompson was doing with the team and was trying to see how they would perform that season.”
To be successful, Hines has recognized that he has to be a strong player both physically and mentally. He believes that the way that he mentally handles the game is what makes him a better player.
“I’m a leader on the field,” said Hines. “To be one, I have to continue to lead by example. My ability to handle constructive criticism has allowed me to remain disciplined and be one of the team’s more coachable players.”
Now with the start of his third season on the horizon, Hines is just ready to help his teammates improve and win the ultimate prize.
“I want to win a GDFL National Championship,” said Hines. “For our team to achieve that, we have dig deep and outrun the other teams we play and be a strong disciplined team. To our doubters, look out because we’re going to be coming for you.”

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