Blast Scores

A Field of Land Mines

Memphis,Tn- After watching as spectators from the stands just one week ago and seeing Reggie Arnold turn into a real live Super Man against Tennessee Hurricanes, Memphis Blast would now declare war.Saturday evening with kick off less than one hour away at Historical Little Rock, Central Football Stadium, the Blast defense set up symbolic land mines for one man of the Arkansas Sabers. As Reggie Arnold did his normal running up, down, and around on a beautiful Central High Turf Field, Memphis defense hit him with everything used in a major American War Fare.  Defensive Coordinator Keith Gibbs sent his human B2 Bombers, Blitzing Tomahawk Missals, and Safety Special Forces all night long at Super Man running back that’s known all throughout the state of Arkansas as “MONSTER”.  “He’s the best running back we will ever face because he just keeps on coming, “says one of Memphis Blast defensive players.  Yes, Reggie Arnold did keep running harder and faster as the “Tic Tic Boom” defensive unit didn’t know any better but to keep on Blasting. Read More


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