Blast Scores


Memphis,Tenn-This past Saturday night,two teams went hard against one another on the gridiron. The Tri-City Diesel known for its defensive schemes and multiple fronts came into Memphis, Tn for a war with the home town team The Memphis Blast.

The game started off with a lot of big hits defensively on both sides. Offenses were going three and out because of heavy blitz packages by both defenses.

Then, came the over head snap by the Memphis Blast and the Tri-city defense scooped and scored for the games first touchdown. But the Blast special teams blocked the field goal to keep the game close.

The Memphis Blast was being held by the Tri-city defense until the middle of the 3rd quarter when Quarterback Josh Dixon threw a 45 yard bomb to Wide receiver Robert (Superman) Fields for a spectacular snag over the Tri-city defensive back\’s head for the blast first touchdown of the game. The extra point was converted by Evan Rodgers and that put the Blast up 7 – 6 in the middle of the 3rd.

The following play was enormous when the Tri-city special teams ran back the kick off for 83 yards for a touchdown , silencing the home team and the crowd. This brought the score to 12 – 7. Once again, the Blast special teams came up big by blocking the extra point.

On the next kick off,return man JC Austin IV ran back the kick off return for 48 yards to end the 3rd qtr.

The Blast opened up the 4th quarter with an outstanding drive but was stalled by a low botched snap that ended the drive. Evan Rodgers made a 42 yard field goal to bring the score to 12-10 and tri-city diesel weighs in the 4th.

The Memphis Blast defense had been dominant all night only allowing 3 first downs and creating 4 forced fumbles.

The Blast defense came up big on a 3rd and 1 and 4th and inches, stopping Tri-city time after time lead by a stingy defense. The Blast gave their offense one more shot with 45 seconds left on the clock and 83 yards to go for the scoring drive. QB Nate Hawkins led the drive and converted a great 4th and 12 with his legs.

Then, he made a pivotal throw to #6 Brad (The PlayMaker) Campbell for a 1st down at the 40 yard line but was hit late and injured. So, the Blast offense went back to QB #18 Josh Dixon and it was only 25 seconds remaining in the game. We see the catch of the year! QB Josh Dixon dropped back from the Blast on 40 yard line under pressure and threw it up to #5 Xavier (Megatron) Jones for an unbelievable catch between 2 Tri-City defenders and runs clean past the safety for a game winning touchdown.

The crowd in Memphis went wild. The sideline for the blast was in a frenzy. As the game was going on, Head Coach Carlos Alexander could be over heard saying \”it\’s not over, we will get our shot!\” The Blast defense was the reason why they would get their shot and the blast offense took full advantage of the situation.

The blast recently changed defensive coordinators going into this game. And yes, it did pay off holding Tri-city offense to negative passing yards and negative rushing yards. Head Coach Carlos Alexander was proud of their defense. But a young promising offensive line is the key in which we need a lot of work.

Coach Alexander promises the Memphis blast will be post season ready and he states that his defense is the best defense in the GDFL hands down. The Memphis blast won 17- 12. This sets up a rematch with the St Louis Bulldogs in St Louis July 11.


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