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Finklea Ready For Battle

Omar Finklea Bio:

DOB: 04/04/1996

HT: 6’3

WT: 220

Position: TE/DE/LB

Hometown: Monroeville, Alabama

Education: Sheffield High School/ Southwest Community College


Introducing the Memphis Blast: Omar Finklea

By Raven Moore

The Memphis Blast are happy to announce the return of TE/LB Omar Finklea for the 2019 season.

            When you’re from Alabama, there are few things that take precedent over America’s favorite sport: football. That love has been with Blast’ tight end and linebacker, Omar Finklea since he was six years old and grows stronger day by day. Entering his second season with the Blast, head coach Charles Thompson is anxious to see what he can accomplish and expects him to be a game changing player on both sides of the ball.

            “Omar has a ton of athletic ability and upside,” Thompson said. “He needs to gain more muscle weight, but overall he’s a great athlete that will help us win a few ball games.”

            Though Finklea was born in Monroeville, Alabama, he moved to Memphis in his youth and explains that it wasn’t an easy transition.

            “I moved to Memphis when I was 10,” Finklea said. I didn’t really like the move at first because I wasn’t used to the city.”

            When Finklea was scouting out football teams around the city following his high school graduation, his attention was instantly set on the Blast and have yet to let up since.

            “I wanted to join the Blast for two reasons,” Finklea said. “First, I wanted the opportunity to win a national championship with my Blast’ brothers and secondly, I want to go to the next level and play in the NFL.”

            Finklea’s dream is to play for his favorite team, the Tennessee Titans. His desire to play with the Titans comes from wanting to play for the team that represents the place that he now calls home.

            His aspirations to hit the higher football ranks isn’t uncommon amongst players in his position. Everyone believes that they have what it takes to make in on a level that millions have tried to reach, but Finklea believes that his strengths as a player are what set him apart from his peers.

            “I’m very knowledgeable,” Finklea said. “I know a lot about this game and that allows me to be elite on both sides on the ball. My speed allows me to have an advantage when I’m on the defensive line to rush opposing quarterbacks.”

            Still, even with his lofty aspirations for himself, he still is one of the more team-oriented players on the team. He believes that as long as the team sticks together, the sky’s the limit.

            “We play as a team and we’ll win as a team,” Finklea said. “Even if we lose, we do it as a team. But the biggest goal is to hold up a GDFL National Championship at the end of the year.”

            However, even though Finklea is entirely focused on giving his all into his team, he’s appreciative of the Blast fans and makes a bold promise to them ahead of the season.

    “Thanks for the love and support last year, but it’s a new year,” Finklea said. “Everything has changed, but one thing is for sure. We promise to put on a show for you all and we will work hard to bring a championship at the end of the year.”

We are happy to have you on board with us Omar Finklea. #TicTicBoom !

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