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Carol Dunn Player Personnel

Memphis (Blast Media ) –


A strong player personnel department is an often overlooked, yet vital, piece of the Blast organization.

Her official title is Player Personnel Manager, but over the last 3 years,  Blast Staff member Carol Dunn has done just about everything .

Carol started with the Blast caroldunn1back in 2014. She administers the coordination of all forms and data for Memphis Blast Football Franchise .

Carol is also responsible for the overall success of the Blast she handles many of the administrative duties for the Blast such as putting a face with a name and number on a prospective player at spring tryouts. She also sends in most of the required paperwork to the Gridiron Developmental Football League offices.  Mrs.Dunn has done an outstanding job as our Player Personel manager stated, Blast General Manager Lazarus Settles “some of  her duties are supervising, direct, delegate, and evaluate work of assigned staff. She is constantly checking on players and monitoring the sideline, tracking rosters and updating team calendar”.

Carol ensure athletes complete community service hours. Send reminders regarding practice, work  schedules ,and team-related activities. she documents rules and enforcement of the player code of conduct policy. She also represents the Blast at meetings for hotel booking and outings. Keeping statistics during practice and games. Coordinate daily sideline activities and conducts room checks while on team travel. Carol performs all related duties as required.

On game day, Carol can be seen running water out to thirsty players or working on Blast player helping them get back into the game .“I’ve also worked with the equipment guys and in the concession stand,” she said.

Asked what her most memorable moment was, Carol was quick to respond just seeing the players show the appreciation and love, that is what keeps me going.

Carol is another fine example of the dedication and spirit of volunteering that has made Your Hometown Football team, the Memphis Blast, such a unique entity in minor league football.

If you would like to volunteer your talents with the nationally-recognized Blast, go to the Memphis Blast website, click on the contact tab, and tell us about yourself and talents.


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