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Brandon Fisher “Come Witness Greatness”

Brandon Fisher Bio:

DOB: 12/18/91

Position: ATH

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Education: Frayser High School


                             Introducing the Memphis Blast: Brandon Fisher

By Raven Moore

            With a team that’s still trying to find stability as they see new players come and go each week, there is one thing that is needed more than anything else: leadership. Currently, the Memphis Blast are trying to rally their troops as they prepare for their upcoming season, with one man serving as a player, recruiter and most importantly, a leader.

            Brandon Fisher was nominated to be a captain by the team’s head coach, Charles Thompson and believes that he can truly grow into the leader that the team needs.

            “Fisher needs to get stronger as a leader and stay focused if he intends to help lead the Blast to a national title,” Thompson said. “If he can maintain his focus as a leader and use his speed and playmaking ability, he could be a dynamic receiver.”

            For Fisher, being named captain was a huge accomplishment for his career and was a way for him to know that he has what it takes to be successful.

            “I was honored, and it was nice to see that he and the team trusts me to lead by example.” Fisher said.

            Fisher is entering his second season with the Blast and believes that his time with the team will help him to reach higher heights in the game that he loves.

            “I wanted to join the Blast because of the belief I have in myself” Fisher said. “With my age, health and speed, I know that playing here would help me to gain exposure and reach the next level.

            Fisher has had dreams of reaching that ‘next’ level since he began playing football at the age of eight with the North Memphis Chiefs. He went on to play at Frayser High School and then spent one year  at the College of Faith. He calls his experience playing with the Warriors a blessing and showed him things he hadn’t already recognized about the game he loved.

            “I saw a lot of changes in other player’s speeds,” Fisher said. “I noticed that it was a very fast paced game, even the linemen were quick.”

            This season, Fisher is doing his best to take things game by game rather than just focusing on the big picture.

            “My goal for the season is to just take it one game at a time,” said Fisher. “We have to take things one win at a time and in doing that we’ll finish the year with a ring.”

            Fisher expects big things for his team and has just one message for the fans.

            “Come witness greatness at its best.” Fisher said.


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