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Blast welcomes Team Writer Raven Moore

Raven Moore Bio

Position: Team Writer

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Education: Lutheran High School North/ University of Memphis

Since Raven’s childhood, she has had an affinity for sports and writing. She grew up playing basketball and softball, as well covering her high school sports teams. However, she wanted to branch off into something bigger and in August of 2016, she  began her own sports journalism platform entitled, “The X Report”. On it, she covers the NFL, NBA and WWE.

She is a student at the University of Memphis where she studies journalism and works for the campus newspaper, “The Daily Helmsman”. As a reporter there, she is responsible for covering the Memphis’ football, women’s basketball  and softball teams.

She is excited to apart of the passionate Blast organization and looks forward to getting to know the team and producing the best content she can for the team’s fans!

1/20 Practice Takeaways

  • Quarterback Austin Boyles is Ready to Lead the Blast: Despite this being Boyles first season with the team, he’s shown that he’s more than capable of a player to lead his team on and off the field. He was at practice early and stayed afterward to get extra reps in with his offensive line and wide receivers. Veterans on the team such as lineman Demetrius Allen spoke with him extensively as the two have started to get on the same page. Allen would later on praise Boyle’s as practice went on for his ability to make key throws.
  • Coach Thompson Prioritizing Loyalty With His Team: Before the team began to run plays, Coach Thompson brought the team together to preach the importance of loyalty. In his fiery speech, he spoke of how loyalty was going to be the key to the season and that his players had to earn each other’s respect. As the players were listening, many nodded in agreement and were determined to show their coach that they were more than willing to pledge their loyalty to the team.
  • Offensive Line Building Chemistry Early: While the offense was working through their playbook, Coach Thompson made sure that on every play that two rushers would be coming each play. To his credit, defensive end Bryan Hall came up with some nice rushes, but the offensive did a good job of recognizing incoming defenders. Their ability to double team when necessary helped to give Boyles a clean pocket and allow him ample time to hit his receivers at the top of their routes.

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