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Blast Stars shine in Pro Bowl Showcase

Tuscaloosa, Alabama. — The 2015 GDFL Pro Bowl Showcase provided a fitting visual on the awards podium: The undersized Receiver and the Linebacker with the gaudy stats standing shoulder-to-shoulder who terrorized the APDFL offense and defense for nearly four quarters and brought home the victory to The Gridiron Developmental Football League 24-14.

“It’s so much fun to play with guys that are playing at such an elite level,” Miller said of winning Co Defensive MVP who he didn’t mine sharing with fellow GDFL Member Chris Murray who played DE for Clarksville Wolfpack in 2014.

The Memphis Blast’ Linebacker was a superstar among superstars this week. One of the biggest cheers Saturday night came when Miller did a mudslide after sacking the quarterback on 4th and 25.

“I just try and enjoy it,” he said. “That is what the GDFL Pro Bowl Showcase is all about: giving the fans a good show. Everybody has worked so hard to get here, you want to enjoy yourself, play some good ball, but guys dancing around having fun is what it’s all about.”

Jay Black was picked as the offensive MVP, Jay Black gave the East Alabama quarterback Charles Drinkard credit he had 15 of 21 passing for 208 yards 2 touchdown throws to who else Jay Black aka “I DON’T GET TIRED” he thanked Drinkard for helping him win the all-star MVP award.

“I looked across and it was pick your poison,” Drinkard said. “I was loving every second of it, getting to throw to someone who could back up every word they spoke, it was a lot of fun.”

Drinkard added that the competitive nature of the game came out down the stretch.

“You get out there between the white lines, everyone is playing now,” he said. “Not the same big hits, but those DBs were trying to pick every ball off. At the end of the games, those guys were rushing the quarterback as they would in a game. So, it picked up like it should and I thought it went well.”

CEO Charles Thompson got the win and added another accolade ahead of the ones he’s sure to receive at The GDFL Honors, which will be Saturday September 6th During Gridiron Bowl VI in New Orleans,La.

Memphis Blast GDFL Pro Bowl All-stars represented the City of Memphis, the State of Tennessee and the Memphis Blast Pro Development football franchise in a big way.The Blast walk away with not only the with a victory for the GDFL 24-14 against the APDFL but also took home MVP awards on Offense and Defense.

Individual Player Stats:

#32 LB Antonio DastreetsisMines Myers had total of 10 tackles 1 int pick six that went for 49 yard Touchdown scamper down the sideline.

#12 WR/S Jay Black was the Offensive MVP player of the game he scored two pass receptions for 80 yard & 85 yard 160 plus yards receiving, Mr.Black also had 5 rushes for 60 yards and one Defensive 1 Int

#27 LB Lawrence Torpedo Miller Jr. was named Defensive MVP had 11 Tackles 5 Sacks that change the field position for the APDFL players drastically.

#34 MLB Charles Conway had 12 tackles 1 1/2 sacks and scored on a 2pt. conversion

#99 DT Kiomotti Ewing Jr. 8 tackles for loss 21/2 sacks 6 quarterback knockdowns

# 55 Ivory Watson not pictured 5 tackles 2 1/2 sacks

#10 Marcus Stringbean Mills not pictured 7 tackles 1 1/2 sack and 2 pass deflections.

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