Blast Scores


blastbdSt.Louis, Mo-On July 11th the Memphis Blast traveled to compete against the St. Louis Bulldogs for a rematch game. The Blast had defeated the Bulldogs earlier in the year by a score of 26-15. This game was reminiscent of the story of David vs Goliath. The Blast came in over confident and cocky thinking the Bulldogs were going to lie down and be an easy opponent. The Bulldogs came ready to play and showed the Blast and their fans the true meaning of team and heart. The Bulldogs opened with a running game, but the Blast defense wasn’t having that on the first and second down. But, on third down the Bulldogs had a play up their sleeve by going deep to their receiver for the game’s first touchdown. The St Louis fans went crazy for their home team.

The Blast came out on offense determine to answer back. Unfortunately, the Quarterback #1 Nathan Hawkins threw an interception to the Bulldogs who ran the ball back for a pick-six to make the score 14-0 with still over ten minutes left in the 1st quarter.  The Blast Offense came back only to have the Quarterback mishandle the snap from the center, a fumble on the play turnover on downs. The Bulldogs were equally determined not to be stopped. The Bulldogs tossed sweep on second down and the running back couldn’t be stopped, touchdown Bulldogs! The Bulldogs elated came back with a strong defense stopping the Blast to a three and out to end the first quarter.

The second quarter only got worse for the Blast. The Bulldogs attacked the Blast secondary aggressively by going deep again to # 7 and he scores again on a 40-yard bomb making the score now 21 to 0. The Blast sideline was silent as the Bulldogs fans began popping fireworks to help keep their teams momentum. The first possession for the Blast in the second quarter was a good one the Blast went deep to their star receiver and he came up big with a 60-yard touchdown reception. But this would be the only Blast score of the night. St. Louis blocked the extra point which made the score now 21 to 6. On the next possession St. Louis tried to return to a running game but was held by the Blast defense.

On third down St. Louis went back to their receiver and he showed up big again catching a 30 yard fade for another touchdown. Bringing the score to 28 – 6 On, the next possession the Blast came out calm and collective but the St Louis defense had their ears pinned back getting the sack after sack on the Blast QB. On third down right before the half the Bulldogs scored another touchdown on an interception pass. Going into the half 35 to 6 Bulldogs. Every fan of St Louis was dancing and partying all half. The Blast was frustrated from the intensity and heart of the Bulldogs. Returning to the field in the third quarter the Blast looked as if they were ready to climb back into the game with a good drive only to be stopped by a fumble from the running back that fell into the hands of the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs took advantage of this opportunity on the first play the Bulldogs brought in their speed back and, toss sweep again.

The back ran like he was running for his life and scored off a 30 yard the score now 42 to 6. The Blast coaches looked on in disbelief as their team fell apart. On the next possession, the Blast special teams ran the ball back to midfield only to be brought back from a holding call. This call caused the Blast offense to start deep in their own territory. Once again the Blast offense was on the move. Then the unthinkable happened. A blast receiver caught a pass. as he was taking a step the ball came out of his hands and fell directly into the hands a St Louis defender who ran the ball back for yet another touchdown. Now the score is 48 to 6. The Blast was decimated from their lack of effort and execution. The coach replaced all starters with role players. But it didn’t ease the pain for the Blast. The final blow came on second down when the Blast center snapped a low snap that was recovered by the Bulldogs. The next drive for the Bulldogs the QB dropped back and ran for a 45-yard scamper for a touchdown bringing the score to 59 to 6. No matter what the Blast did St Louis had an answer for it. And as the fans for St Louis cheered and celebrated it became clear to the Memphis Blast that David had slewed Goliath.

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