Blast Scores

Blast claim Division title

Mark Twain once said “Rumors of mbradplaymakery demise have been greatly exaggerated. “ The same applies to the 2016 Memphis Blast. Not that long ago, those in the know considered the Blast a legitimate threat to win the GDFL championship. Losses to Arkansas and Oklahoma tempered the optimism. Message boards and social media flooded with doubt and season eulogizing of a lost 2016 campaign. Someone forgot to inform the Blast, as they suffocated the Arkansas Gators 15-8, claiming the Impact East Division title.

Missing: Normally, Arkansas QB Cameron Mayfield and RB Joe Dove account for yards, big plays and touchdowns regularly. Saturday night, these two dynamic play-makers vanished. For Arkansas to win games, it’s imperative these two play well. Any repeats of that flat performance and the Gators will sit home during the postseason.(more)

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