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Austin Boyles ready to lead the Blast

By: Raven  Symone Moore

Austin Boyles Bio:

DOB: 08/29/1993

Position: QB

Hometown: Arlington, Tennessee

Education: Arlington High School


    Introducing the Memphis Blast: Austin Boyles

            More times than not, the centerpiece of a football team is their quarterback regardless of what level that team is on. That’s why it was so paramount for the Memphis Blast to find their quarterback this season. So, when the Blast acquired strong armed quarterback, Austin Boyles, they knew that they’d finally found the right man for the job.

            Head coach Charles Thompson was the main recruiter to get Boyles to join and since his arrival has been impressed by what the young signal caller can do, even with work still needing to be done.

            “Austin has an excellent skill set from a passing standpoint,” said Thompson. “He has a rocket arm and is unafraid to fit throws into tighter windows. Becoming more accurate is an area he’ll have to iron out as he prepares for his 2019 debut.”

            Despite his impressive talent as a passer, Boyles is still relatively new to the position after spending his formative years playing skill positions.

            “I used to play slot receiver,” said Boyles. “But when I got out of high school and started playing flag [football], I worked into playing quarterback and went to some camps. I worked with some really good quarterbacks around here and found my rhythm for it and since then that was it.”

            Flag football was a major contributor in Boyles continuing his playing career after high school ended. But when he was approached by Coach Thompson, Boyles knew that it was time to make a change to the pro developmental level.

            “Coach [Thompson] gave me a chance,” said Boyles. “Some of my coaches didn’t give me the chance I felt that I needed, and Coach T did. I came to practice the first day and tried to do my thing and it’s been my love since.”

            Though he’s still fairly new to the team, he’s quickly gained relationships with his teammates because of his intense work ethic. It’s not uncommon to see him arriving to practice early and staying late with offensive lineman and receivers to run through plays.

            “As a quarterback, you don’t want anyone to outwork you,” said Boyles. “You don’t want anybody to do anything that you’re not doing.”

            Boyles doesn’t just hold himself to this standard, but others. This was especially apparent when he became an offensive coach. He was the offensive coordinator for the Lakeland Lions in 2017-2018. Middle school team where he wanted to inspire each player to want to be great and that football is far from just a sport.

            “The main lesson was family,” said Boyles. “I tried to show them that they’re not just a football team, but a family. I wanted to instill in the kids the desire to not just be good at something, but great.”

            Hopefully his philosophy can continue to translate to an already passionate Blast team. He, like many of his teammates are looking forward to the season and look forward to showing their fans what they can do.

            “We got something special for the fans,” said Boyles. “Make sure you come out and see us.”

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