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Arkansas Shocks Memphis

Arkansas Shocks Memphis

June 19, 2016, by Terrance Biggs



Essentially, the sport of football boils down to blocking and tackling. Saturday, the Arkansas Gators stunned the GDFL with a 13-12 victory over the Memphis Blast. With all the utilizing of variations upon this consistent theme, there is room for interpretation.

Missing Offense: Entering Saturday’s game, Memphis averaged 28 points per, which is an outstanding foundation. The Blast could muster only twelve points. What happened to the previously potent offense? Cobbling twelve points at home is not what championship franchises do.

Chatter: The week leading to the game engulfed both teams in a social media blizzard. Each team would unleash a stream of extreme talk towards each other. Friendly and competitive, this banter added extra incentive. The loser of this game would be in for a torrential downpour of words, none of which are printworthy.

McMahon Musings: Gators WR Travus McMahon plays with an accelerated sense of urgency. His routes speak to making profound catches. McMahon discussed his day.(more)

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