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Anthony ready to Blast his way onto the Field

Deterryon Anthony:

DOB: 05/05/93

Position: DT/LT/K

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Education: Millington Central High School/College of  Faith


Introducing the Memphis Blast: Deterryon Anthony

By Raven Moore

            There aren’t many teams on any level of football where their kicker plays all over the field and it’s even less prevalent to see it when said kicker is 320 pounds. However, that’s precisely what the Memphis Blast got when they signed versatile lineman, Deterryon Anthony. His athleticism and persistent optimism have made him an early team and fan favorite.

Head coach, Charles Thompson, has quickly taken notice to the impact that Anthony brings to the team and believes that his future with the Blast is bright because of his contributions on both offense and defense.

“Deterryon is extremely fast off the snap with the ability to fire his gap and close in on the quarterback in a hurry,” Thompson said. “With his natural pad level, you would never know that this was his first year playing offensive line. As a run blocker, he flashes heavy hands to push defenders out of their gaps and opens holes for his backs.”

Much like his teammate, quarterback Austin Boyles, Anthony’s love for the game goes well beyond playing on the field, but working on the sideline too. For much of his adult life, he’s spent coaching football to the youths around the city.

“I started coaching at the age of 17,” Anthony said. “I usually work with kids ages 4 through 12 and this year I started my own team called the Memphis Titans Elite.”

With so much experience on the sideline, Anthony believes that it has helped him to be a better player and teammate while on the Blast.

“I’ll see things happening and my coaching IQ just hits,” Anthony said. “It allows me to help my teammates as far as with their blocking schemes, route running and just anything else they may need help with.”

Despite building such a quick chemistry with his teammates, this is his first season with the team, and he had to be to be heavily talked into joining.

“I had a lot of people in my ear last year.” Anthony said. “But I still ended up not playing because I wanted to focus on coaching. This year, I ended up coming out though because [Brandon] Fisher kept hounding me and I wanted to see if I still had it.”

Not only has he proven to himself and his teammates that he still had “it”, but he’s also been one of the biggest motivators on the team. At any given moment at practice, he can be found assisting and encouraging his teammates, even when they’re having a bad practice session.

“My greatest strength as a player is that I’m a team motivator,” Anthony said. “I’m always lifting up a teammate when they’re down to encourage them to do better on the next play.”

With the season getting closer and closer, Anthony’s been dialed in ready to help contribute to his rebuilding team.

“I want to help take my team to a higher level,” Anthony said. “I want us to be better than we were last year and finish the season off with a ring.”

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