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Allen Ready To be Crowned

Demetrius ‘King’ Allen Bio:

DOB: 08/01/91

Position: OL/DL

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Education:  Frayser High School 


Introducing the Memphis Blast: Demetrius ‘King’ Allen

By Raven Moore

            To hold the moniker of ‘King’ a player has to be well respected among his peers and a leader on the field. Memphis Blast lineman, Demetrius Allen. In his three seasons with the team, he’s been relied on to be the mouthpiece of the trenches and ensure his teammates are made aware of what they’re supposed to be doing on the field.

            Blast head coach, Charles Thompson, spoke highly of the veteran and credits Allen for helping improve

            “Allen brings leadership and experience,” Thompson said. “As a veteran player, he has improved on his run and pass blocking abilities. He’s constantly made drastic changes that will help us tremendously on both sides of the ball.”

            The nickname ‘King’ has followed Allen for much of his life and came from his success while playing football as a child.

            “I got the name in middle school when I played for Cypress Middle,” Allen said. “They called me that after I won my first MVP and ‘Player of the Year’ trophies.”

            Since that time, King has held onto that name as he played high school football at Frayser and eventually when he signed with the Memphis Blast. Upon his first interaction with the team, he knew that the team was the best choice to help take his game to the next level.’

            “They were a winning team in the area,” Allen said. “I wanted to be apart of that and I could tell that Coach was interested in getting me to the next level.”

            Not only has Allen’s play earned his acclaim around the Gridiron Developmental Football League, but it has earned him the role of captain. In his first season in the role, he’s cherished it and accept the responsibility.

            “Being a leader is a role that not everyone can fill,” Allen said. “Being a leader is serious in football, especially at the level that we play on. As a leader, I know that I’m trustworthy and that my team is going to follow my lead because when they do, the result is always positive.”

            Like many of his teammates, his ultimate goal for the season is to hoist the GDFL Championship at the end of the season, but Allen believes to do that he must achieve his personal goals first.

“I have to make sure that I keep putting my best foot forward,” Allen said.” I have to be great player and produce both on and off of the field. Just like a real leader should.”



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